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by Blondie's Memories

Blondie’s Memories is a lifestyle and fashion blog founded by Anita Brdar in 2015. After study of Business Marketing and working in that field over a years she decided to create a space where she can share her passion for fashion, photography, travel tips, beauty secrets and some insights into her personal life as well.
She worked with numerous international brands and she wants to focus on international growth of Blondie Dream, travel around the world and bring to others daily dose of inspiration and happiness.
Fashion industry has always been her passion, using every day pieces and pairing them with investment, life long items. Her style she developed over a years and she has described it like chic, sophisticated, modern style  with dose of boho style as well.
Starting as a hobby and sharing her interests with audience she reached over a hundreds of thousands followers on her various media so she has been constantly innovating and evolving to develop a better place for her audience. She likes to read all suggestions and comments to see what type of content people likes to see more of and she encourage them to share their thoughts.


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