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Uncivilized civilization

by Blondie's Memories

Take care of yourself and others? 

Massive hysteria, panic all over the world, empty shelves in stores, long lines of people waiting for their supplies. 

Deathly scared of diseases, self-centredness, selfishness.

Feel no fear

Trying to have some control over something like – groceries because – they have lost control over their life and are in such deep fear of unknown.

That’s the human race right now. 

People are deeply scared of God but they are living their rules like – God doesn’t exist.

They are scared, deeply, enormously. 

There is massive fear in the whole world because there is no life living according to God’s s rules.

They justify their actions because everyone is doing it, so let’s break all moral principles. 

But how deeply they are scared

From one disease what could possibly lead them to death – that is scary to them but more scary is to be faced with God after you lived your gifted life and you had lived it wrong.

If they could take this situation as warning sign from God as His call to them to change their lives

If they could come to Him they wouldn’t be afraid of death or diseases, they would realize it that they don’t belong here, they are just passing by because they are created for Heaven

So they would live here waiting happily for the day when they will face God face to face and what joy that would be.

(Akiane – “ The light” )

God says 365 times in Bible do not be afraid, it’s for each day in a year. 

Fear means lack of faith, this massive fear, panicking, selfishness means we are so far from God and it’s s time to realize it.

You will die eventually, do you want to know where you are going or you will wait and live in fear?

See, just a little instability in medicine knowledge, science and politicians and you are terrified. 

See how little you are.

If there is many untruths that scares you from television and internet you would still believe it because they say so and everyone else. 

Be close to Him and you will live in truth, without lies or fear – how incredible is that?

And more incredible is that He waits us all, how sinful we were it doesn’t matter – He loves us as our Heavenly Father – unconditionally, much more then your parents or anyone can.

It is undescribable, unmeasurable love that comes from Him.

Peace, joy, strength, that and much more He can offers you and what the world can offer you?

There are certain people who take this time of uncertainty as time to be better, time to spend more time with family, time to think and care for elderly people in family. But will they continue to be better after a fear is gone and they overcome their insecurities?

It’s the time to think more deeply about our life. 

It’s time to be less on internet and television and more with God and our family. 

It’s time to be better, to purify our hearts.

It’s not tragic to die but it’s tragic to go further through the life as living dead.

It’s real tragedy. 

Emptiness of God and all His gifts and fullness of all worldly pleasures. 

World can offer you only temporary pleasures, but He can offer you blessings and true happiness here and eternity after. 

When people leave God they will be filled with – fear, selfishness, violence

hate, jealousy

boredom, lack of empathy, lust, inhumanity.

But their hearts are seeking for more, they are created for happiness, so why would they throw it away?

There are many reasons, sometimes people choose that path willingly, some people don’t know where to go and how to change their life and many people are thinking that they are so dirty and disgusting so it’s not worth of trying to repent and seek God.

That’s the biggest lie.

He didn’t come for righteous but for sinners.

He left 99 righteous (not abandon them, just left them because they will be alright) to find one sinner

That is the truth. 

He loves you unconditionally and He will do best for you even if you decide to stay away from Him, that’s how much He loves you.

Love is freedom, love is capable to let someone go and still do good for that person, but God’s love is much more. You will realize it eventually, on Earth or later. 

This is the time to rethink about our life, about our principles. Who are we and where we are going further. It’s not only time to remember wash our hands but to wash our hearts as well.

“ Take care of your body as f you were going to live forever; and take care of your soul as if you were going to die tomorrow. “

St. Augustine ♥️

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