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What do you think dignity is all about?

by Blondie's Memories

The best trend you can wear is your dignity, without dignity identity is erased. That is the sentence from my last post which I was thinking about what to write furthermore because so much is said in that one sentence.

The world we were raised to survive in no longer exists. We have more choices in everything, food, clothes, television, social networks, mobile devices and so on. Do you think people are more happy with all that? 

Choices. God has given us a free will – CHOICE but what we choose will give us happiness and fulfillness or emptiness and miserableness.

I will be specifically taking on this post about social networks.

Instagram – pictures without words. To me at first sight was “what is the point of taking all those pictures and posting it online where you can’t say much”. However, as I saw a picture is indeed worth thousand a words.
Younger generations are raised on this network, scrolling every day and soaking all the content there. 

Is it a good content on Instagram in general?
As per my opinion no.
It’s all gone wrong. 

I don’t say there isn’t amazingly beautiful profiles to follow, inspirational and so worth of time spending there.
But mostly I have seen there is – exposed vulnerability. 

When I look images of women out there on Instagram I see so much work, fake faces with makeup, immodestly, fake hair, fake lips, fake clothes that gives you a good figure, photoshop, and so much more.
It is all transparent.

I can barley put a mascara properly and it’s really amazing how much effort is done in all those pictures. 

I see completely naked women who has taken photo of her breast and they call that art.

I see women dressed like they are trying to impress Richard Gere so they have that semi-look of Julia Roberts from “Pretty women” 

I see 12 year old child dressed as that older one that she follows aka “Pretty women”.

I see #freethenipples hasthag more often and nude pictures then #childabuse #hunger. However their nipples are free and me trying to report that kind of pictures Instagram ignores. 

I see mothers wearing less clothes then ever with her child taking photos of  his mum for Instagram.

I see unhappy people.

I see lies.

I see them seeking for approval from others-men especially, well you don’t take vulgar/improperly pictures to show it to your besties, it looks like picture intended to be sent to your boyfriend, however-it ended up on Instagram asking for approval.

If she is happy why to seek approvals from other men?

Because she is not.

She is trapped into a lie that media served her, what her boyfriend told her, maybe ex boyfriends, her friends maybe. 
She thinks she is not enough. Not enough pretty. That is all it matters . Be a pretty women like your boyfriend/s told you, friends, colleagues?! Right?

Well, world lied to you. Television lies all the time. Beauty is not in fillers, in fake bra, in fake lashes, in perfect hair. It’s just a TREND. Not a beauty. 

You don’t have to be perfect and in trend to be loved. You are perfect to be loved.

But the boyfriend who would love you can’t see YOU because you like trends more then yourself. 

He can’t see your real beauty. 

However, you don’t think that would be a beauty, your bare face, your covered body – that isn’t attractive, you don’t think that anyone would love that. 

Actually it would.

Be you- tiful. You are enough. You are worthy.

You may not see it now, and maybe you will be angry reading all this thinking ‘what does she knows’ I am not like that, my boyfriend loves me – ask yourself a question do you truly love yourself? 

If not, you are not able to receive love from your boyfriend in the right way. You will end up wounded, bleeding from relationship to relationship.

It’s the hardest thing to love ourselves.
We must receive huge amount of love from someone to fulfill our hearts and erase all bad memories and wounds that we have carried, we need someone to tell us that we are pretty amazing, unbelievable, unique. So where to go? 
That place is not instagram and quantity of your likes and comments. 

Did it convinced you? 

Or you’re still trying to find the best lashes, clothes to be more attractive, false brows and you need a shot of fillers? 

So the answer is no

Your heart is so worth, precious and likes and compliments from other people will not fill that void in your heart. 

Your heart needs more. You are created for more. 

You are created for purpose not performance.

You are loved, even if you family didn’t gave you that, you are so wanted to be part of this world, amazingly created to be a princess
Yes, a princess so worth that Someone would die for you.

First you need to find your King who will give you love and you will find your purpose, dignity and identity.

He knows the deepest desires in your heart, your boyfriend doesn’t, nobody does. 
He wants to give you all that.
After you receive His love you will see the world in different way.
What the world can give you if they don’t know you? 
Why I am writing all this?

I don’t want to hurt or judge anyone, that is the last thing I ever wanted to anyone. But if I can help someone to be blessed, just one person, I will be happy. 

First sentence as I said, without dignity identity is erased
    We need clothes to cover up our body like for Adam and Eve when they felt a shame for the first time. We can’t walk around naked or half naked without dignity and except to be treated with respect. 
It won’t work, you can read as much as you like feminist’s books and try to convince yourself. You actually lost your shame, that doesn’t mean you are bad person. You can have it back-whenever you want. You know where.
There you will find your dignity, identity and purpose for your life.

Talking about identity, nowadays I hear often that all women look the same.

How is that?
Dignity – identity.
Everyone has lost their dignity, what I wrote earlier, they dress the same, have same make up and so on.
-If they don’t have dignity and respect for themselves, if they don’t love themselves they will be tapped into a lie of television and other people, so identity is lost. They look the same.

If you are still reading this and find it helpful you are wondering what to do first. 
Go to Him and ask Him to change your heart.
He does listen you know.
Talk with Him. It’s your choice – free will you know. 
He loved you so much that He gave you choice so you can decide to live with Him or without .
It’s up to you. 
Your heart.
His love.
Decide it.

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