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Summer and curly hair

by Blondie's Memories

Hi guys

when temperatures are getting way too high I love to wear more casual clothes, hair and makeup. So that means no ironing hair, no foundation and no sleeves That’s one of the reasons that I love summer so much.

About this outfit I can say that I love this dress, it feels so comfy and goes perfectly on my red heels from Aquazurra (I think I didn’t wore them more than few times so could not wait to try them again this summer☀️

And about bag, this one is absolutely gorgeous to wear in summertime, it’s so light to wear even tho I think it’s too short to wear on the shoulder so mostly I wore it in my hand. I wish that Chanel could  make it more comfortable to wear,anyway it is great for summer time.

Hope you can get some inspo for this summer in my pics

About my outfit check the images and details below❤️

Sunglasses/ Chloe

Dress/ H&M

Heels/ Aquazurra

Watch/ CK

Summer and curly hair    

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