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Gucci skirt

by Blondie's Memories

Hi guys

this skirt is something my mum was thrilled about,she’s always complaining about how tiny my skirts are😏 so when she saw this she reacted “you will really wear this”? And yes after spending some time in my closet I decided to wear it.😬

Indeed, skirt is fabulous with all those details, I love yellow bottom line especially, but I can’t say that I wear this kind of skirts often. This one I bought because all of details on her that create a unique piece of art. I decided to wear it on white blouse and pink high heels with tassels. And my beloved Gucci yellow bag Sylvie with charm from Fendi. I tried to complete the look with big sunglasses from ChloeMyrte“and to choose colors that are matching together, I hope you will like it and you will check my pictures below❤️ Btw this outfit was captured in one of my favorite spots in Paris in Four Season Hotel where I loved ┬áto stay and especially enjoyed in their lunches🙂

Sunglasses/ Chloe

Charm/ Fendi

Shirt/ Zara

Skirt/ Gucci

Shoe/ Zara

Bag/ Gucci

Bracelet/ Cartier

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