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Afrodita Cosmetics and pure 24ka gold line

by Blondie's Memories

Hi guys,

it’s been a month since I got gorgeous set from Afrodita Cosmetics . I decided to wait to make a proper review.

You have probably seen if you are following my IG account that Afrodita Cosmetics prepared me for the summer with their great sun line so I got a few things🙂 First one is their dry oil for faster tanning that I have been using it for a years and it’s a really only thing that I use for faster tanning. Another one great thing that I got is sun protection cream and cream yogurt after sun. I believe that’s the only 3  things that I will need to keep my tan great during this summer 🙂

As I said I really was their faithful customer for many body products since I was a child, my mum was first one that noticed that they have quality products and she regularly used their face care also.

But I can’t say that I did, so I was happy to do this collaboration with them because I know that they have great body products so I decided to try they face care.

As you know I love natural ingredients in my beauty care, and you saw about products that I love to use (I put them every month on my blog on home page as monthly pics!) and this kind of products intrigued me so I wanted to try it in salons. When I saw that Afrodita Cosmetics have new line with pure 24ka gold I was excited to try it.

As you know for any product there is a time needed to see some results.

Immediately, I saw a result with this mask,that was really stunning! The skin looks glowing, rejuvenated and fresh thanks to pure gold and isoflavones that stimulates regeneration of dry and mature skin. I usually keeping it for half hour or more even that they say to keep it for 20 minutes but I keeping it longer🙂 I saw that this works even better✨ This one is my absolute favorite from masks right now!

Another one amazing thing from this line is eye cream, I noticed more smoother skin around my eyes and less dark circles every morning when I wake up, as you can see on pictures below I don’t have any foundation or concealer on my skin(I did curl my lashes and put lip-gloss) so you can see my skin. I really noticed a difference since I am using this line,you will probably said how because I don’t have wrinkles or lines on my face(thx God for now🙏🏻), but my skin really looked tired and dry because of my hypothyroidism, it’s not nice believe me to wake up with extra dry skin when there is no mask to help you(I even used all kind of baby cream for dryness but it didn’t worked) and puffy eyes because of retention a water and big dark circles 😏 Since I started to use this line from Afrodita Cosmetics I see every morning more radiant skin and healthy looking. About moisture I will not talk about!🙂This line helped me to have perfectly moisturized skin.

Few words to say about how I am using it step by step🙂

Fist, I clean my face with Caudalie foam cleanser, after I use face mist from La Roche and when my face is all dry I first put cream around my eyes which is great because of antioxidant ingredients besides that gorgeous gold inside. It is a little thick so you need to tap it more and wait that skin can absorb it.

Second, I put their Elixir on the rest of my face and on this point I usually finish my daily routine so after I can put my makeup.

Third step I am using only for night routine, it’s their day cream but I use it for night because it is a little bit too heavy for me if I am planning to put my makeup after.(you can see on my pictures below small crumbs of gold inside, I love that❤️ I mean who doesn’t love feeling of putting a real gold on face🙂✨)

And that was my routine during this last month, with also one or two times per a week using their gold mask.

I can say after this month I will continue to use this line from Afrodita Cosmetics  and after because it really did surprised me with their results.I used many expensive creams but many of them gives you results and then after 15 days they don’t work anymore. Afrodita Cosmetics surprised me with this line because it’s not expensive and it really works on your skin day after day(I can’t wait to see my skin every morning 🙂)

You know I don’t like to collaborate with brands that I wouldn’t use or I don’t prefer, so I am happy not only because Afrodita Cosmetics gave me the results that I didn’t expect but because it was a brand that I love from my childhood ❤️Also I am happy that I stopped using my foundation this summer(since last week :-D) because my skin is rejuvenated and glowing every morning🙂🙂 so..this was really something that I didn’t expected, I was like, ok probably skin will look better but then it will stop working for 15 days but then I saw every day more and more radiant skin even tho I was exposing my face to sun and sea and my skin every summer is all dry.

This line with gold helped me to achieve my goal, to wear no makeup on my face during summer(not always of course) but I really feel good without any makeup!

You can see all images below(check that small gold crumbs on my hand❤️) and click on the link Afrodita Cosmetics   so you can go directly to their online store(worldwide shipping) where you can see all of their products 😀

24ka Gold line Afrodita Cosmetics Sun Care





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