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Au Pays de la Fleur d’Oranger

by Blondie's Memories

Hi guys

if you are following fashion magazines and always want to see what is ‘IN’ from France, you are in the right place.

As we all know that France is really beyond creativity when it comes to beauty products, perfumes etc. I am really faithful customer for all preparative and decorative cosmetics from there (my favorites are, as you probably read about are Ysl, Guerlain and Dior for decorative cosmetics) and I am always in search for something new in beauty care.

But when it comes to perfumes, I am totally addicted to it. One thing that I cherish from French peoples is  that they love natural ingredients, especially in perfumes, I really don’t like perfumes in which I can’t even feel a note what I am wearing (many brands do that, so sometimes I have a feeling that i wear bunch of everything and can’t even know what is that scent on me, like violet, maybe rose or cupcake at the end of the day☹️,I don’t like that mix of everything on me,for me it is very confusing,I believe that perfumes are here to uplift our mood and make us feel unique in natural way, but so many perfumes don’t have that,they smell so artificially so I wear them like 10 days and leave it beside because they become boring)😞

So its hard to find like unique perfume, and I am always in to that. Where is the better place to find it then France.

So when I exploring fashion magazines they are suggesting something compelling and when I travel i get a chance to find what I am looking for.

Ok back to my  story 🙂While i was in Paris I had a chance to meet a great woman Virginie who is behind this stunning perfumes. From the south of France they are producing the  finest niche perfumes combining scents of Provence and and Bitter Orange blossom in Neroli Blanc collection that you can see pictures below.

My favorite are Neroli Blanc Intense, just like it says on their page, it’s like a smell of  skin kissed by the sun, this is the exact description ❤️The main note is orange blossom, but you can feel freshness of rose also and at the end vanilla and musk. This is so great for summer nights 🙂

Other one my favorite is Poudre de Liberte, more for daily wear. It is very very feminine, powdery  in the beginning as it says with fresh roses and bergamot that gives you that freshness for daily wear. Difference between this two of my favorites are that one is intense more for night and other one is very fresh but in powdery way if you know what I mean🙂

They have big selection of perfumes, I got samples  of everything, so there is still a lot to explore 😃

And one thing that I couldn’t figure out is which candle to take because they all smell lovely, however violets are my favorite as you know but it was really difficult to decide.

If you are in to Diptique candles you know what  I mean. One is great because it’s fresh other one because it creates warm atmosphere etc .🙂For now I am enjoying at my home in lovely violets scent,sweet but fresh😁  Check my choices below on pictures and click here  Lafleuroranger to check their other great choices 🙌🏻🙂


Au Pays de la Fleur d'Oranger

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