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Denim waistcoat

by Blondie's Memories

Hi guys

I am usually type of person who don like to wear so often waistcoats, but this one looked nice for some casual look to explore the city.🙂

I wore dress in boho style under the waistcoat with my favorite casual slippers from Gucci. I thought I would never wear this slippers when I saw them at first, and here we are, I got them in two colors. One thing that I like the most is they are so so comfy and you can wear them on literally anything, I saw in many stores similar design of this one and they looked quite nice (Zara, Asos..) But my mum rolls her eyes every time that she see that slippers, she says often that they look like home slippers 😐 Yes I totally agree with her, but I believe everyone wears what they like, maybe one day I will look at my pictures and think that it was total mistake , but for now I feel comfortable in them so I really like to wear them so often especially when I know that I will walk a lot that day.

Other thing that I am addicted is this Valentino bag, honestly I didn’t like her at the beginning, like it wasn’t love at first sight, maybe because of color, I am not sure and now I can’t stop wearing it and looks great on casual style or on more elegant and classy, so literally goes on everything✨

About waistcoat, I love that masculine thing if I can say that on this way,  it is like you borrowed jacket from your boyfriend. This outfit I captured in Champs-Elysees, beautiful street in Paris where are so many stores that are famous for very long history.

History, perfumeries, architecture, beautiful cookie’s shops what else to look for❤️

Jacket/ Zara

Bag/ Valentino

Dress/ Zara

Shoes/ Gucci

Bracelet/ Hermes

Sunglasses/ GM

Denim waistcoat

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