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Bright red jacket

by Blondie's Memories

Hi guys,

I totally forgot to publish my outfit from the  last day in Shanghai and just saw some old pictures on my mobile and wanted to write a post.

I was really sad in one hand leaving Shanghai but was happy to go in Paris next.

We captured my outfit on the Bund famous part of Shanghai, it was a little a bit crowdy around so i was trying to get pictures as fast as I can.

About my outfit, red jacket was like love on first sight. It is pretty bright red color with gold buttons. I wore it on silky shirt and little baby pink skirt that goes great on that red. Recently i love to match red and pink❤️ But you must to choose correct colors, like not every pink and red goes together, you don’t wanna look like a clown😀So i like to mix one bright and one pastel color, like for this outfit bright red and baby pink, I think that works great if you match it like this.

In this outfit you can still see that i wore my Miu Miu favorite summer slippers and bag from Valentino.

btw I tried to convince this soldier to take a photo with me but you don’t suppose to do that, at least I tried..

I am almost one and a half year in Shanghai more or less, living in two countries mostly but Shanghai is town in which  you really need a lot of time to get used to people, food ,their mentality, absolutely everything is different from Europe. But that’s the beauty of traveling, that you have  a chance to get  knowledge about different cultures, I think that is one of the things that makes peoples rich (I know its cliche)

About all details check it below❤️

Coat/ Zara

Bag/ Valentino

Shoes/ Miu Miu

Bracelet/ Hermes



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