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by Blondie's Memories

Hi guys,

i am sure lots of you heard for Caudalie from Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire.. everyone is talking about this fabulous brand from France.What is so fabulous?

Natural ingredients first of all and their famous grape ingredient who works great as antioxidant and in anti-age care.I was their customer before this collaboration with them(if you have been watching my Ig stories you must saw that I was a fan of their face mist☀️ )

The most popular face mist from them is “Beauty elixir” that gives you that glow look ✨It  was inspired by Queen Isabelle of Hungary from her “elixir of youth” What does it have inside?Grape of course and rose, orange blossom, balm mint as well. Their all products are without parabens, and not tested on animals🐾

My favorite product beside that face mist is also their hydrating cream for sensitive skin that really smooths my skin and skin immediately looks radiant. For that purpose there is also serum that corrects dark spots on skin and ensures you radiant and more glowing skin. We all want that!😬

So my observations on all this is that I sure will be their faithful customer in future and I am really happy to have a chance to collaborate with them. As you saw on my previous collaborations I really don’t like to collaborate with brands that products I wouldn’t like to  use, and I am happy so much when I get a chance to work with brands that I used or that I googled before and would like to use so I can write a review.

On my page every month you can find a new updates on slide show of all products that are my favorites and that I am using right now.

I know every skin is different but this products works for me and I hope that my reviews will help💛

Btw,love their body peeling,I tried this for the first time now and I can say it really gives you that feeling of clean and hydrated skin after the shower,sincerely I used many products of this type and I dont like when they put a lot of oils or something(i am not sure about that what they put) BUT it always gives me sticky skin after,so I need to wash it over and over again.This peeling is not that kind of product,so I am enjoying in my skin with this one.❤️



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