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Paris-La Villa Haussmann

by Blondie's Memories

Hi guys,

at this visit to Paris I had a pleasure to stay in La Villa Haussmann hotel. Why I was in Paris? I can say business and pleasure, because it’s always pleasure to be here. Paris has something charming that throws you back and back again, to me I am absolutely fan of architecture here, it’s so admirable, like every building has so many stories untold. Back to my hotel, it was really pleasant stay there.If you are fan of luxury small hotels,this one you must like. Bedroom was so spacious,with charming armchairs in purple color that my cat instantly liked it as you can see on pics below she didn’t get up from that chair all day.

Other thing that is so comfortable in this hotel is that they are pet friendly, as you saw my cat is always traveling with me and luxury hotels are not often open for pets. About the room I can say, I absolutely love this luxury retro style, french balcony in room and another one in spacious bathroom.

About bathroom I absolutely enjoyed in bath tub and I felt sorry because I didn’t had time for their spa but however this hotel is definitely one to come when you are in Paris if you are into luxury,charming hotels which is in famous Haussmann street that was built during the Napoleon’s mandate. Another thing that I noticed is so kind stuff there,they are willing to help you in anyway, btw French people’s are one of the most nicest people that I had ever met,but I had also a bad experience with hotels,like when i booked it at last minute and then you come to hotel and you just wanna run outside it’s so good to be well informed before you booked any hotel. This one is highly recommended, just wish that I stayed longer but however I had enjoyed every minute of peaceful, clean, spacious and luxury room. We enjoyed both 🙂

Coat/ Zara

Bag/ Valentino

Dress/ Zara

Shoes/ Dior

Bracelet/ Hermes and Cartier

Case/ LV

Paris- La Villa Haussmann

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