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Miu Miu feather slides

by Blondie's Memories

Hi guys,

as my last days in Shanghai were approaching to the end,I decided to show you my outfit in one of the most spectacular building in Shanghai. It’s the 8th tallest building in the world with very fast elevator 😅which leads you on 474 meters up on the 100 floor.

It really has one of most spectacular view that I have ever seen and one thing that is also outstanding is walking on glass panels so you can see under that,that was to me pretty scary as I have fear from heights🙁 But after all was is worth to see that spectacular view under your feet.

About my outfit that day I decided to choose more classy style as I had dinner after this visit to World Financial Center. Two things new in my wardrobe for this summer are in this outfit and I absolutely love them. It’s Miu Miu slides with feather which are so adorable and Versace bag in multi-color design. As they have many of colors in Versace for this Empire bag it was hard to decide which one to choose,this peach and baby blue were my favorites after all.

This cute jacket and skirt I loved as I saw it in Zara,it reminded me on my Chanel jacket,I liked it because it’s so light to wear and has gorgeous pearl buttons on it, and I am totally fan of everything pearly🙂And underneath that I wore light silky blouse that I have in all colors and that is something that I also adore,it is because it gives you that classy, elegant look when you wear it on everything, so you don’t have to try so much with silk, it gives you sensuality and elegance whatever you wear on it.

Below you can see all the pictures from that day,hope you will like it

Jacket/ Zara

Bag/ Versace

Skirt/ Zara

Shirt/ Zara

Shoes/ Miu Miu

Bracelet/ Hermes


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