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Shanghai Yu Garden

by Blondie's Memories

Hi lovelies,

yesterday’s was great day in beautiful Yu Gardens,one of my favorite places in Shanghai.Place where you can feel so much peace and serenity walking around and enjoying in beautiful trees, colorful fishes and all historical beauty.

Yu Gardens were built during the Ming Dinasty, in the 400 years of existence, Yuyuan Garden had undergone many changes over a years and they finally became open for public(1961.) and declared as national monument.

Yuyuan Garden occupies an area of 20,000 square meters (about five acres). However, the small size is not a representative of the attractions of the garden. ✨

Entering the garden, you will encounter a rockery, which is called the Great Rockery with a height of 14 meters😲

Wondering around  you will find pavilions, corridors, streams, courtyards as well as many other natural features.

As you know I love so much botanic and every time I travel somewhere I am fascinated about differences in botanic cultures. In Yu Garden I was trilled to see bamboos trees, cherry blossom which is my favorite scent for perfume ever🙂 and two old trees,for one of them it’s said that tree was planted 400 years ago.✨

I say I could go over and over in this garden, every time I went there I found something new to explore.

On the exit of the Gardens you can find all local sellers with souvenirs,from kimonos,to they homemade scents)you can imagine my impressions there😃,they have so large selection I could smell them for hours) but as I was so tired I went back to hotel,it’s like 40 minutes drive from my hotel  so I was pretty exhausted 😩.You can see my pic below that I was taken there and on the next post I will write about my tea time there. I was been there few times but tomorrow will take some pic to show you guys how it looks like there.







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