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Pastel color

by Blondie's Memories

Hi lovelies,

this outfit was my Saturday’s night look. I was going to classy, sexy,extravagant maybe look 🙂 I named this post pastel colors, because lately I find a lot of inspiration in ┬áthese colors, like for this look. Approaching to the spring I am somehow more into this colors. I can see myself this spring in lots of pastel green,blue,pink 😀 After a long winter it’s so refreshing to get into these colors.

About this outfit, I wear little skirt that I have bought I think few years ago on asos but haven’t been wearing it since. This light coat is from Zara, I can say I love it so much, material is so great that I feel wonderful wearing it, another 👍🏼for Zara.

Hmm about shoes, I know lots of ppls are rolling their eyes on this combo,white sooks on open sandals?😀

I wasn’t sure either to wear it or not, lots of bloggers are lately into this trend. I saw someone wore Gucci slippers on white sporty socks and I was thinking like no way.And that was recently, so here we are 🙂I am wearing it to. Not because of trends, I see them as inspiration but never follow them blindly. I see them as inspiration for applying something on my own way,so sometimes I use them as inspiration and sometimes I don’t.🙂But back to the point, this shoes are great as themselves,and with this little detail I think they look quite interesting❤️

Bag/ Gucci

Coat/ Zara

Skirt/ Asos

Shoes/ MissguidedPastel color


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