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Finest colognes

by Blondie's Memories
Atelier Cologne
Hi lovelies,

In this post I would like to present you my collaboration with Atelier Cologne ❤ I was always into unique fragrances, not so much into branded perfumes but more interested in something special and more unique as I said 🙂

This fragrances are pure luxury of notes that are merging perfectly. I personally like perfumes type of “Diptique“, “Jo Malone” or “L’Occitane” because they have a large selection of finest notes from flowers, spices or woods  that are very quality and smells so natural. So this type of perfume of Atelier Cologne is really my personal choice for perfume, so I  was trilled to receive a wonderful set of “Orange sanguine” that includes 200 ml cologne, 30 ml travel size cologne with stunning leather perfume holder engraved with my name, and great bath shower and body milk. Another thing that I loved so much is set of 33 samples of different perfumes, each one of them has different postcard with it that says which notes are in perfume and from where they have taken that particular flower or spice, like France, Italy, India etc. That is so charming and right away I have found my fav notes that I love, like patchouli, neroli, and few new like bitter orange 🙂 This set is great if you don’t know what exactly notes you like in fragrances or you just wanna change your perfume more often 🙂

All that you can find on their web page( just click on the Atelier Cologne name in post).

Experimenting for years I tried so many perfumes and realized the notes that I like in it, like violet is my favorite, musk or cherry blossom also. There are few more and one thing that I like is to feel good with my perfume, so I believe that important thing is to know your favorite notes. Personally I don’t like too many  notes in perfume, one day I like to smell on violets and sometimes on roses but I like one particular note in it. But as they say everyone’s choice is different 🙂 If you are wondering about more of my gift from Atelier Cologne and you have missed it on my instastory 😯🙂 you can check new pic below, hope that you will like it!

Finest colognes

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