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White sneakers

by Blondie's Memories
white sneakers
Hi guys,

approaching to Christmas time I feel so happy to be at home ❤ Also I feel so casual lately, as I do a lot of errands every day and have lots of job  these days so I feel really good wearing mostly sneakers or boots. For the last years there is a big coming back for sneakers, I can say for me they were always fashionable, what can look so cool and casual as good pair of sneakers?

This outfit is pretty simple, the whole outfit is from Zara, sneakers are Louis Vuitton and bag is from Dior. What I love about this look? Hmm..i love to combine flower skirt or dresses with white sneakers, it’s bringing me back memories from watching  Beverly Hills 90210 as a child, I am such a fan of 90’s fashion era as I mentioned before and 80’s as well. I love everything from that era, from fashion, music, movies.. it’s so inspirational era for fashion lovers.

About this outfit I regret only that I haven’t worn my small backpack that I wore several times on this combination but didn’t took any of pic. and that looks so 90’s

I took a few pic of my outfit below so you can check it how I  love to wear my sneakers

Dress/ Zara

Waistcoat/ Zara

Sneakers/ Louis Vuitton

Bag/ Dior

White sneakers White sneakers




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