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My favorite makeup products

by Blondie's Memories
 Hi 💜

In this  post I am sharing with you my favorite make up products. Of course I don’t use them all every day 🙂 but they are like the only one I use for the last couple of months, so here they are ✨.


My favorite makeup products

On first pic are my blushes, when I don’t put any makeup I sometimes use a little blush from Jane Iredale , just to give my face a little more healthy look. For more sophisticated look I love this one on  right from Chanel(shade 03 Brume d’or), and for more shimmering look. I adore this palette from Dior it’s called “Poudre shimmer” in 002 shade and it has 5 different shades inside the package.


My favorite makeup products

For this lipstick, i can say it’s my absolute favorite one from matte lipsticks. It is so creamy, soft and so durable, I wear it literally all day with no so much fixing up. The shade in pic is “Dolce vita“, I have it one more shade but I don’t wear it often,it’s kinda not so perfect match for my skin.



In this pic my favorite products are makeup brush from Chanel. I have this one  like for a decade almost, it’s my absolute fav brush ever! Second from right is famous L’oreal mascara, I can say I have been using it since my highschool and every time I tried to experiment with others I went back to this one.

Then we have my favorite concealer  from Estee Lauder called “Double wear brush on glow” in shade soft pink,I can’t say I tried better one for me.I have a very dry area around a eyes and this creamy texture  is ideal thing for me,and plus it’s the best concealer that covers my dark circles :-/

New thing that I tried is “Mister eyebrow” from Givenchy, it’s pencil for fixing the eyebrows. I can say I have a problem to fix them, they are dense and hairy so I need something to keep them in place. Sometimes I go on natural hairy look with eyebrows but sometimes I like them in good shape so I can’t say that I used this thing so much but for now I can say it’s a good thing 🙂 And also before I used this I had fixed them with vaseline (that’s so  good thing if you want to grow them more)


My favorite makeup products

My favorite lipsticks.. beside Dior that I mentioned, I also adore  YSl  lipsticks. “Volupte Rouge” is so famous and I think I have it for now in like 10 shades but mostly wearing shades for me are from left to right,so shade 33(kinda purple/pink) shade 50 (bright pink) and other one from YSL fav is “Rouge pur couture” in shade 52 (coral) these are really the most gorgeous lipsticks for me, it’s of course for my skin color, eyes and everything perfect match🙂


My favorite makeup products

About highlights, pressed powder.. I am truly fan of Guerlain for years, in this pic you can see “Palette lumière de jour” in kinda pink color, my best of all is “Météorites“(In pic are two of them in different shades,the open one is in multicolor and closed one is in bright white). And last one is Dior ❤️ It is kinda reminding me on baby’s powder 🙂But it’s nice powder for fixing your foundation. It is called “Diorskin extreme fix


My favorite makeup products

Last product that I bought is this face mist from “Clarins” it’s kinda new product from them.I love ❤️ it so much, I spray it few times a day just to maintain moisture and to fixing my make up of course,and when I talk about face mist I am kinda obsessed with them, I have them a lot, from low cost to expensive ones. My fav beside this one is from L’Occitane with karite which is ideal for winter time when my skin is so dry.

And in summer I can’t go out without this tissues from Anna Sui, they are savers for hot days. When you are feeling that your face is oily just grab one tissue and tap it up on your face and it will absorb all extra oil on your skin, I love ❤️ this thing so much.



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