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by Blondie's Memories
Hi ‍guys

I am so happy that autumn is finally here, I don’t know about you guys but for me it was such a long summer and I wanted to feel some coldness in the air and to be able to wear some cozy and warm wardrobe(especially sweaters, that will be my new obsession for this winter season,with velvet as I said in my last post,hmm patent leather,oversized coat,metallic skirt and leggings.. I could go on and on☹️).

I invested in few nice sweaters for this year but couldn’t say that I founded what I’m looking for. I founded some of quite interesting sweaters in Zara,in this post I am wearing nice one from Gucci with thunderstorms on it⚡️. It is kinda sweater that you cannot wear everyday if you are going on casual look but definitely one that gives you a little bit of glam.

I love to wear it on skirts,mini,middle(especially pleated) and on some great ankle boots (I am still trying to find nice patent one).

I think this combination is so cozy and so in trends of 80’s that I am huge fan of it,it’s something that I could wear everyday.😊

If I want to look “I don’t care” I love to wear big sweater on skirt and sneakers  on it,and if I am going on some more classy look I chose glittering ✨ sweater or with some details on it like this one from Gucci.(I also have an eye on yellow one with cat in front 😺)

It is a great thing that you can wear them on almost anything and you can barely make a mistake in your look,but in the other hand there is no mistake in styles,it’s only a expression of who you are❤️

You can find details of my outfit below✨

Sweater/ Gucci

Bag/ Gucci

Shoes/ Gucci

Sunglasses/ Gucci

Skirt/ Asos











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