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Metallic shoes and pink coat

by Blondie's Memories

I know lot of you are rolling eyes on metallic or  glitter shoes 🙂 you just love them or hate them, there is no between. I love 80’s and 90’s fashion, It was very unique period for fashion when you could wear anything crazy and chic without a label and be cool. I love movies from that period and how womens were dressed. In 90’s I played with my mum cloths as a child and now like I am playing again 🙂 I just love lots of colors, to mix all up, to create something that looks for me stunning. Todays fashion is like going back, streets are full of people who have so fun and chic style, like I am in TV show ‘ Fresh Prince’ 🙂 I was wondering 10 years ago how they could wear that?! neon color, metallic, glitter, all that..and today’s people are accepting lots of that style, streets are full of crazy 80′ and 90’s . I like that because people are not afraid to express their personality, to be crazy, to be unique, and that’s the point of fashion to express yourself not to be ordinary, no one is 🙂  xo, Anita














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