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My new experience with night cream from Nerium

by Blondie's Memories

Before month ago I received this cream from Nerium for testing. Ok I was not sure because I never heard for them, I used L’occitane as I described in my previous post. I want to  describe you my experience if you are thinking to buy  maybe it will help.

For start when I received the cream it is in nice grey bottle on pump so you can dose it every night, it is enough 4-5 pumps to spread it on all face. As always I am skeptic when I am trying something new, but I love to try it so I accepted this to see how it works..about texture, it is very sticky and it feels like a mask,  you need to put it on your face during the night, I was a little uncomfortable in beginning like I wanted to wash it immediately from my face because of heavy texture, but after few nights I was surprised, skin was glowing much more, so I forgot texture and everything when I saw results.

To be honest I don’t have a lot of problems with a skin, few pimples during the month or dry skin on winter time. But important thing when you using this cream is to wear day cream, I was wearing my old cream from L’occitane during the day. When I receive cream I immediately google it, I saw good and bad review, saw that Sofia Vergara is using it so I was thinking lets try this thing  :-).. I read that it has some ingredients  like oleander inside which is the main ingredient what works that well.

When you use the cream you need to use it on clean washed face,  and then pump 4-5 dose of cream and spread it all over your face, just like a mask. I didn’t have a lot expectation as I said, I just wanted to  have more glow skin, more smooth so I can avoid make up foundation as possible I can..Few years ago I used a heavy foundation for make up, and was thinking like it is important to invest in good foundation, that gave me more pimples, dry skin and lot of things worse..so I decided to invest in good preparation cosmetics, not make up, to have  healthy skin the most possible as I can.. Before using this cream I was wearing from Guerlain light foundation, and now I am  wearing only bebe cream form L’occitane, on pictures below you can see few of my pictures without any make up before using Nerium, and one picture is after a month..I am wearing just light bebe cream on pic, it is like I am not wearing foundation but It looks great..on last picture I am wearing as I said light bebe cream, just a little concealer, eye pen and lipstick, but important thing for me was to have healthy skin, I think Nerium helped me a lot and gave me more fresh and glow skin. It is cream for both gender, good thing is when you buy it you have money back guarantee 30 days, I described you my experience with them, I have very nice result and more radiant skin now, you can check it their web page on Allurebyjclaire.nerium.com I am hoping to try their day cream and write you about it again. 🙂









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