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For my beautiful little girls

by Blondie's Memories

Be always a princess, feel like a princess, act like that and find a man who will treat you like that! I do not mean on that you can be spoiled! But be a lady in every case and respect yourself and him 🙂 But always remember you are born to be kind and more gentle then man, he is born to protect you. Today I am thinking about relationships and why people dont believe in love anymore, womens  are not respected, mans also. What is wrong? I think first we need to go from ourselves and we have to love ourselves, every women is unique and special and beautiful in every way, but she needs to know that, she need to know for what she is created for, mans also. When we dont love ourselves no one else can in right way. Dont ever be someone else to be liked, why to be like everyone when you are unique? For some trends, fashion, because of mans? Dont ever! If there is a hero and man with right values how then he can find you? I always see on Fb “In world full of Kardashians be Diana” you must seen that, it is good and funny quote, but what does it say, the world is full of rules, wear that, do make up like that be the same as everyone, and in that road you will lose yourself and your heart, for any reason people who act like that they are lost,  they need to turn into real values, I think that all people deep down inside are looking for love, but we can not change the world, we can start with ourselves. To start to love yourself, to think about that someone created you in the most and beautiful way and for man who will cherish that. Never stop believe in love, start today, be what you want to be, wear what you want, in what you feel good, use fashion as a inspiration not as a rules, be a lady, be the little girl you lost inside when you grow up, you have only one life to live and be happy, everything else is a trap 🙂












Skirt – Asos

Bag- Chanel

Shoes- Ted Baker

Bracelet- Cabo de Mar

Watch- Daniel Wellington

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