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Cool sweaters

by Blondie's Memories

What is the perfect way to stay cozy and warm at winter then sweater.

We saw at new H&M campaign with Katy Perry great looking sweaters for very chic look and for every budget of course. We all notice that cute ‘Elfie Selfie’ sweater on Katy Perry with lots of sequins on it. Beside that great selection of sweaters from H&M you can find them almost everywhere this season, with different prints mostly on Christmas theme, colors, shapes etc.

sweater naslovna


About shape,  if you are fan of Boho look then you will love oversized sweater, if you pair it with a slim pair of leggings or skinny jeans, you could have a chic look for any time of day. There is also poncho, what could be comfier than a knit blanket? Maybe one created to be worn around you at all times, you can wear it on skinny jeans also for casual look but it looks great on pencil skirt and ankle boots for more classy and feminine look.

The must have this season is also turtleneck, from comfortable sweater on jeans and oversized coat for casual look to slim-fitting sweater for more feminine and sophisticated look. There is also cardigan for cozy comfortable look, cardigan is ideal for wearing out or around the house. It’s a very casual look, but in a fashionable way, so even your lazy days can be fabulous if you compare it with great oversized boots and cute mini skirt.

What ever style you prefer, I think you can wear it in almost every style. Christmas time is here so we can not resist wearing this piece of cloths, they were very IN in 90’s so in some way for me they bring me back to childhood , Christmas time and vacation from school that we all are waited for. 🙂

Check the gallery below and find your own chic sweater, and stay cozy and warm on this temperature outside 🙂







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