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My beauty routine

by Blondie's Memories
My beauty routine
Hi guys,

One thing that I can said I so enjoying doing that is taking care of my skin. I am  trying  to avoid decorative cosmetic as much as I can. When I discover this products my skin is glowing..it really does 🙂 so I am kinda of addicted to it. I think many girls are destroying their beautiful skin with decorative cosmetic, and it is so much important to take care the skin and have a good nutrition. What are my secrets? 😀

After so many years trying to find the “one” cream that fix all my problems, finally I did, I can not say how long this results is going to last, but I use these products for a year I think. Before that I tried from low cost to expensive cream, from artificial to natural ingredients, I tried it all. And when I had result it usually lasted for week or two..Now I am using L’occitane, they are a expensive, but really last for long long time..

Every week I clean my face with L’occitane exfoliant lumiere minut, I massage it on face for minute and wash, after that my face really look cleaner and more glow, also once a week I use my cream mask from their line Immortelle, I put it during the night and wash it in the morning, result is more moisture skin and healthy, I must admit it is more like sticky mask but when you woke up you will forget that 🙂

And for my daytime routine I use their karite cream, I have dry skin, sometimes few pimples, I was afraid using it because when they said to me “moisture” i meant MORE pimples 🙂 but just opposite, I  have less pimples maybe one or two during the period and that is it. And my skin is not dry, it looks very healthy. Another thing that I use before putting any make up is serum from their line Imortelleextrait divin“, it smooth  your skin so fast and protect, and give you that glow effect. I also use tonic from that line before putting my cream or serum usually, and their precious mist what I put in my bag and sprinkle on my face during the day. My skin is dry with few pimples, i didn’t have much problems with skin so I can say this only from my experience, I love their products because they are natural, they smell so fresh and stunning, I just love to put it on my face..

I know for all of us it is hard to find perfect skin care, we always are tying and trying new stuff. This is just my experience, but as I heard for their products they work that good on every type of skin, dry,oil, t-zone, pimples..you can always try their samples, I always do that before I buy, It is too expensive to invest in something like that, so I recommend you to try ask them few samples, and first buy only one thing which suit you best, they will try to convince you to buy “all line” in way that is necessary, but buy only one thing and put it in your routine and see how it works..I first bought cream and was using it for a month and after that I bought others. But cream did her job so I was very satisfied and come back again.

It is my beauty routine, and tips that works for me, we all have different skin but it is important to take care of skin, eat healthy, all that reflect on your skin. Girls usually like more decorative cosmetic but they are so destroying their beautiful skin, I think it is more  important to have a good preparative  routine, and if you like decorative cosmetic please don’t destroy your beauty, take care of your skin it is the most beautiful to have nice skin. Beauty comes from inside it is truth, from your soul the most, your skin glow from your food that you put inside of you and try to use more natural cosmetic preparative or decorative it doesn’t matter but try to be more natural always and love your self from inside that will reflect outside, trust me 😉 I took a picture of that products that I use, Barbie like that products as you can see..yea like she need it she is always glowing 😀












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