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My favorite home fragrance

by Blondie's Memories

Hi guys.

I wanted to show you one of my favorite fragrance for home. I am a little bit obsessed with fragrances, body perfume, home perfume, car perfume, clothes perfume..I really love to smell nice and love to explore new fragrances also. This one from Guerlain is my favorite for quite a long time, if you like violet flowers you will love it. It is so fresh, charming and luxury. It is flower scent but I can tell you it more smells like fresh and powdery scent, so you don’t have to be afraid that your house will smell like you have garden instead of house 🙂

It gives you a really luxury feeling when you come and smell it in the house, so if you are into fresh powdery scent with violet scent you will not stop smelling it. The fragrance is from Guerlain, it is called “Voile de poudre”, if you have some cosmetic from Guerlain this scent will remind you on their compact powder which also have violets inside.

I am thrilled with their scents in cosmetics, one of the best and natural scents in make up, I love to smell it in the morning when I put my make up, all kinds of flowers they have inside just refresh me in the morning. That is great inspiration for give your home some freshness,if you like that kind of scent of course 😉
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