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Hi guys,


Every year when summer is coming to an end, one thing I am looking forward is my Bday, (ok not so much as few years ago) it is at the end of september and for me autumn is the time for changes. Every year I decided to make some changes for a new year of my life, for this I hope to be a one of the big changes  🙂

As it is getting colder I am  also looking forward to change my outfit, I love summer but this one was too long . I can not wait to get into warm clothes. This year I had more casual party for my Bday, just a few friends and evening party. It was a great occasion to wear my fur cape jacket(false fur), this year cape coat and fur are the must have, I was thrilled of this one because it looks so sweet but classy also, it is a white soft fur with stars all over it and it goes great on my brown pencil skirt. For someone of you maybe it  looks like “too much”, my friend told me that I look like a Christmas tree 🙂 , but I really like it, I think it is important to wear what you like and how you feel wearing that. Fashion is great, but it needs to be for us only inspiration to create our own style and to express ourselves.  🙂

I wore  also a cute bag that kinda reminds me of  Hermes Kelly bag, I bought it in Charles and Keith few years ago. They have so stunning things and for very very acceptable price. I just love them 🙂 Also you can see at the picture my definitely favorite perfume from Mont Blanc, I am addicted to this perfume for a years, I just love  so much oriental notes in perfume, this one is like that but not to much strong (but stays on me more then 4 hours on my skin!) little bit powdery and fresh, you can sense pineapple and bergamot  as first note and chocolate and oriental amber are in the base. It is warm and sweet enough for winter time but also fresh enough for summer, I had so many perfumes but I always be sick off them after a few month or before, but this one definitely has gotten under my skin 🙂

You can see my pictures that I took below, I hope that my look will be inspiration for someone,but always remember to be yourself  🙂


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20151003232317146 20151003-82152149

Bday Bday

20151003552628673 BDay blondie

 Blondie dream 20151003-1773063433

20151003-1549194049 Blondie dream


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