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Cozy jacket

by Blondie's Memories

Hi guys,

I love winter time, hot tea, fluffy clothes at home and Grey’s anatomy during the evenings at home. I also love to wear cozy clothes for the outside. Big white cozy jumper is dreamy to wear, so warm, cozy and I can wear it on so many different ways.

In this outfit I decided to wear it with slippers from Gucci(like at home lol)and tights with small crystals(to be honest, it’s so difficult to wear them, they often get stuck between the legs🙄)

About jacket, it’s one size bigger then I usually wear(I wanted to have more oversized look) and it’s typical cozy winter jacket with false fur around. I bought it in Zara this winter(I so that now is on sale, half price off❣️)

Back to the jumpers, I love to wear them in winter and they have so many options to wear them. For example I usually wear them on tights, leggings and long skirts.

About other details check it below 💫


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