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Long dress

by Blondie's Memories

Hi guys,

I know that you have been waiting a long for some posts, I would like to have a more time and chances to do more shoots and write you more. 😞

Looking at this outfit I wish to go back to the summer days, I don’t usually wear a long dresses but I couldn’t resist to this one. Long dress with ruffles and high heels, what can make you more feminine?

Maybe a little color on your lips,tanned skin and few drops of favorite perfume. Sometimes simplicity is more, especially in summertime. I prefer no foundation, no mascara maybe a little blush on my cheeks and lips gloss. Make up I save for winter days, I believe that my skin will be grateful 😜Also I love summer because I eat a more healthier than in winter, that means more fruit of course 🍉(watermelon which is my fav🙂 )and fish. I believe that everything you eat reflects on your skin. I really feel healthier during the summer, because of food, swimming and a lot of activities that I do during the winter. In the other hand, winter has her magic also❄️

About my outfit, as I said it’s pretty simple, long dress with heels and small Hermes in orange color which is my fav because I can wear it on my shoulder because larger size doesn’t have strap. Other details you can check below 🌴


Long dress ,

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