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Long dress and leather jacket

by Blondie's Memories

Hi guys

at this visit to Versailles where we taken pictures for this outfit I wore long dress in blue with baby pink leather jacket.

What to say about that place, one of the most beautiful historic places that I have ever seen. Every details, every room are story for themselves.

About outfit, backpack and comfy slippers were my choice for that day as you get really tired from walking and exploring the Versailles✨ and long flower dress seemed like perfect choice for that day, I am big fan of flowers on dresses and skirts, especially I love to combine them on white sneakers and little backpack(kind of 90’s style) with a big scrunchie on the messy bun☀️

Check the details below❤️☀️

Jacket/ Zara

Backpack/ LV

Bracelet/ Prada

Slippers/ Zara

Sunglasses/ Chloe

Long dress and leather jacket

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