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Neon sneakers

by Blondie's Memories

hi guys

Sneakers are great when you have a lot of errands that day. On that day I had so many things to do and meetings, and afternoon I decided to go at the museum. One advice, never go tired to the museums 🙂 I wanted to see so many pictures but I was tired so I decided to go there on another day, with a plan for everything that I want to see:-)

BUT as I was there and changed my mind for exploring the famous museum I went for the coffee at nearby coffee bar. That was probably the better idea because I was so tired to explore such a huge museum so I went a few days later with a whole plan what to see

About this day, outfit was comfy, I like mixing styles like sport style with elegant or feminine style, if you were following me you probably noticed that 😀

Check details below and so many pictures taken that day✨

Sunglasses/ Chanel

Bag/ Gucci

Shirt/ Top Shop

Skirt/ Zara

Bracelet/ Hermes

Sneakers/ Zara


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