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Back to the past with Thoumieux

by Blondie's Memories

Hi guys,

Today I wanted to share with you my experience in this charming hotel Thoumieux. As you have probably saw pictures on my ig account and video you can assume that this is really unique type of hotel and to be honest,I have never been in this type of hotel.

BUT when you are in Paris you really wanna go back in time to feel the oldĀ Paris🙂

If you are type of people’s that are really into history, art, architecture Paris is a place where you can come back many times again and it will never be enough to see everything.

After visited museum and eaten my croissant on my way to the hotel,I was welcomed by kind stuff of this unique hotel. As you can see on my pictures below room is really spacious with gorgeous bathroom with quality beauty products (that is important, so tumbs up for this 🙂). In room was played when I arrived Edith Piaf, also in the lobby as well you can always hear old good music in background.I can tell that I have really felt like I went back in time,imagining lovely dressed ladies in fringed dresses holding their cigarettes and drinking cocktails in lobby😀

Room was so fabulous decorated in retro Parisian style with different wallpapers, interesting sofa in mushroom color and large so comfy bed.

One thing that i adore is that they have many books in room about architecture, art, French history, music etc.

I didn’t have time to learn a lot from the books because i had busy day, but if i had stayed longer i sure would.

Another thing that is really convenient is that hotel is really close to Eiffel Tower just 10 min walk I think,and when you get out from hotel first thing that you can see on yours left is Tower (and many pharmacies with beauty products 😬) so it is quite a good location for exploring the city🙂.

What to say more about this hotel, would I like to go back, sure I would.❤️

Coat/ Zara

Bag/ Versace

Skirt/ Zara

Shoes/ LV

Bracelet/ Hermes





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