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Leather skirt and ruffle shirt

by Blondie's Memories
Hi ✨

Ruffle shirt or dress reminds me on 80’s, I love so much that fashion era, it was a time of expansions of new trends who were never forgotten. Seeing that trends coming back is like I am in my mum’s closet again and playing like a child,hmm sweet memories😊 About this outfit I think it’s a little more classy then my usual, a main reason is that I was on meeting that required a more formal outfit. In my sassy style I couldn’t resist to add something more fun to look😎 For a last few months I am obsessed with my Karlito, I am taking him everywhere. I think it’s a good way to give your bag a “personality” using a charm. Nowadays you can find them everywhere, I have a lot of them(kinda obsessed) from cheaper to expensive ones. I am a type of person who likes changing things,in my clothing especially so I think charm is a good thing to change something on your purse(and not to buy a new one!) 🙂

About this outfit I think it’s great because it’s comfy, if you were reading my posts you know how much I love comfy stuffs. And this is like a first leather skirt that I bought and it’s not so solid, you know like when you are feeling that you can’t sit properly because you bought the perfect size but it’s not so comfy to sit.(and if you buy larger size you look bigger in her because of the material) I hate that!

So this one is great because it follows the shape of body, I am only sorry because I can’t wrote you about a store where I bought it,it was a small store in Shanghai 😞┬áBut about my other details of my outfit you can check below ❤️

Bag/ LV

Shirt/ Asos

Shoes/ Mango

Charm/ Fendi

Leather skirt and ruffle shirt

Leather skirt and ruffle shirt












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