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Cute summer outfit

by Blondie's Memories

Ok,It’s been a while since I posted anything on my blog😞 I  was considering to close my page because of many reasons,to be honest there were a times when I was reading your messages and all kind words about my blog and I felt sorry because I stopped doing this.It is nice when you can share things that you love with others,fashion and my style is one of them..Ok that’s obviously two separated things🙂 For me style is so much more then fashion,style is more like art,people can express a lot with clothes,they can put together pieces which separately don’t represent much but together they are like masterpiece.
I was reading other blogs for years and fashion is not the main reason that I do that,If I am interested about fashion I can buy some magazines,go to fashion week or so,but blogs are giving me so much more.It was something that gives fashion a “life” and it’s much more then fashion in first place,It is just mixture of art,
life and something unique that bloggers create.I would say that they are creators in fashion industry,in way that they can offer something to public,they own art,their style.etc
There is so many reasons why I  truly respect bloggers and I wanted to become one of them,I have my own view of fashion,my own interpretation of life,style and everything and wanted to share that with others.How in the end it will go, we will see 🙂 but hopefully I will inspire someone in good way,and have a page with lot of good and bad pic of style to remember,yep sometimes is good,and sometimes when I was looking my old posts I was like”what I was thinking”?!?🙂but that’s a good thing, I mean for myself,to aware myself not to wear black leggings on white dress and leopard loafers again,never ever!😀
About my today’s outfit,I’m wearing bright pink dress with this cute platforms(I felt in love immediately)that are so so comfy to walk all day long,and colors are so gorg on bottom as you can see 😀

Details you can see below🙂


Dress/ Asos

Bag/ Louis Vuitton

Bracelet/ Cabo de Mar

Shoes/ Vintage




dsc03634  dsc03625

dsc03619 dsc03630  dsc03633  dsc03635  dsc03620

dsc03623  dsc03637  dsc03624  dsc03618 dsc03636

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